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What the Hell is a Microsite and Why Do I Need One?

One of the most frequently tossed-around terms in the content marketing lexicon is “microsite.” If you think it’s used interchangeably with “branded blog,” “communication platform,” or “independent campaign,” you’re right. They’re all essentially the same thing: a website on which your brand publishes content, and to which your desired readers (hopefully) visit.

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How to Craft a Brand Voice That Carries Across Platforms, Formats, and the Space-Time Continuum

We’ve talked about brand voice , what it really means, and how to create one that communicates your brand vision without sounding exactly like everyone else’s. Now there’s just the matter of maintaining that voice across every piece of content your brand creates, on every possible channel.

What Is “Thought Leadership” Really, and Should CMOs Bother With It?

When done well, thought leadership delivers true benefit—both for the people writing it and the people reading it. But a lot of supposed “thought leadership” falls short of both goals.