How to write an effective essay

You have probably already read a lot of similar articles on writing a great essay. All you want to find there is the exact and 100% working guide on how to nail your paper and receive a great grade, which is understandable. Another option is to pay someone to do your homework but not spend hours trying to come up with a relevant idea. But the truth is, there is no such way. There is no single magic guide that will help you build a good paper that will astonish your teacher. You can only cope with it yourself, using your imagination and some simple tricks that can help you start writing. So if you are not planning to ask someone, «Can you do essay for me?», it's time to learn how all good essays are created.

Writing essays 101: stick to the plan

We bet that some people become technicians just not to write essays in college. It is always easier to avoid it or buy essay online cheap, but the fact is that you can benefit from writing skills not only in college but long after graduation. Love it or hate it, there are many reasons to learn how to write essays properly, and we prepared for you a simple brief list of the most valuable points:

Check the prompt

What does your instruction say? Many students fail to understand the requirements and end up with the wrong arguments and organization of the whole essay. Carefully check your topic and essay length: do you need to provide scholars` opinions or provide your own reflections on the topic? Consult your mentor if you are unsure;

Start with a plan

The outline is an essential element of every paper from a small essay to a dissertation. You can do without it, of course, but it will be harder to organize your paper and include everything you want. A good outline includes brief descriptions of all paragraphs, a thesis statement, and some ideas on the conclusion. Once you are done with it, follow this plan and start writing an actual essay;

Start with the main body

Never start with an introduction: you can waste a lot of time struggling to create a catchy opening sentence, and your thoughts may also change in the process of writing. Besides, it is much easier to start a paper when you know what will be presented and how you are going to sum up the results. Devote each paragraph just to one idea not to make readers confused. Make sure all the paragraphs have smooth and logical transitions;

Conclude right

You don't need to repeat everything mentioned in the main body: sum up the main idea of each paragraph, rephrase your thesis and add your opinion;


One of the key parts of every essay writing, which is often neglected, is proofreading. The rule is simple: finish writing, put it aside for a few days, get back to your essay, and read again. Thus you will be able to spot all mistakes and typos that may ruin your paper;

Don't plagiarize

Teachers are not stupid, and they can understand if you will try to fake it. Besides, they use special software so you have no chance to get through but all chances to drop out of school;

Use reliable sources

Make citations only of those textbooks and web articles that are credible; otherwise, your arguments will mean nothing. You can't use the information received from forum discussions, magazines, and unverified online sources.